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Milledgeville Transport Center

The architecture will heal the trauma of the

community of Milledgeville by connecting to the life of the present and not the death of the past.

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Site Context

The project includes an underground train station that will become apart of the speedrail line travelling from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia. This project proposes a modification to that route Instead of Macon propose the new speed rail run through the new Milledgeville transit station. In a study done of Milledgeville residents stated that they wanted more public transportation to access medical, educational, and recreational facilities.

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Site Mapping

This mapping exercise looked at identifying areas of life and areas of death on the hospital campus. This was measured in hexagonal prisms which varied in height based on the quality or elements of the area. Indicators of life included buildings that were still in use, nature, and active pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Indicators of death included abandoned buildings and dead landscapes. This exercise revealed the areas that needed the greatest intervention

Grocery as Civic Asset

It is proven that grocery stores help to develop stronger and healthier communities through access to resources, and through quality affordable housing.  As one of the few full-service supermarkets in the area this grocery store will eradicate the areas large food desert.  

The store will increase the staff’s contact with the community and provide additional jobs, Programming:

  1. Grocery pick-up,

  2. Coffee shop and outdoor dining

  3. Community room

  4. Medical tenant

  5. Grab-and-go section for the large lunch crowd

  6. Meat service counter

  7. Bakery


The opening of the façade at the coffee shop creates a more welcoming entry, provides sightlines into the store, and provides a much-needed function in an otherwise stark entry.  Creating a community hub that is not just retail but a place to gather, relax, keep up with community events and activities.

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Design for Integration

Park Paths  follow direction of the street. This creates an act of re-integration of the site with the existing city grid.

Design for Well Being

Looking at well being wholistically means ensuring  the architecture stimulates the body, mind and spirit of its users. The grocery store ensures food security, the community and play spaces give an outlet for the mind to grow and expand its creativity. Play also lightens the spirit. Mixing transparencies ensures good daylighting which is proven to lift spirits and foster spaces that people will enjoy. Wellness is also about connection ,  to each other and to nature. The site extends the park allowing the boundary of the site edge  to blend with the park and create more green space for play, relaxation and outdoor activity.


Design for Discovery

A part of play is the act of discovery, play means learning and exploration. The process to come to this form is an act of discovery.  Creating a grid based on the existing column grid and then creating a rule system to break that grid allowed for exploration with the form. Like building blocks continuing to stack and adjust to generate floor plans and sections. The design itself lends to user discovery through the play of transparency, allowing people to look in and observe the thriving activity then creating new interest for the site. The paths that follow the street allow for those on a leisure walk to continue into the park space and to the building from there, discovering the new structure and its community.

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