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Milledgeville Transport Center

The architecture will heal the trauma of the

community of Milledgeville by connecting to the life of the present and not the death of the past.

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Site Context

The project includes an underground train station that will become apart of the speedrail line travelling from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia. This project proposes a modification to that route Instead of Macon propose the new speed rail run through the new Milledgeville transit station. In a study done of Milledgeville residents stated that they wanted more public transportation to access medical, educational, and recreational facilities.

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Site Mapping

This mapping exercise looked at identifying areas of life and areas of death on the hospital campus. This was measured in hexagonal prisms which varied in height based on the quality or elements of the area. Indicators of life included buildings that were still in use, nature, and active pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Indicators of death included abandoned buildings and dead landscapes. This exercise revealed the areas that needed the greatest intervention

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Underground Train Station
Subterranean Level

The city of Milledgeville has very little regional access for those residents or visitors without a vehicle. The proposed solution is to input a train station below that would. act. as a connection point from Milledgeville to the rest of Georgia and beyond. This station in Milledgeville will replace the proposed station in Macon Georgia on the Speedrail line. Bringing in commuters, tourist and other visitors to the quint town of Milledgeville. Increasing interactions between diverse communities and showcasing the rich history of the town and the site of the station itself. 

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Bus Terminal and Retail 
Ground Level

The town of Milledgeville walso saw a need for local transportation. In a survey taken many towns people highlighted the lack of local transportation. Especially for those people without a vehicle. Creating a system of local transportation:

1. Increased access to local amenities

2. Creates. accessibility for disabled. and elderly people

3. Increases walkability for the local college and students

4. Allows tourist the ability to explore easily

The Bus Terminal connects the city back to itself. Erasing isolation and ensuring the long term health of the local community surrounding the transportation hub

Artboard 14.png

Retail Spaces
Second Level

This project saw the need to revitalize the site. One method of revitalization is increased commerce. The project features retail spaces on the second level. Turning the station into a destination in and of itself instead of just a transition space. Now visitors can come and gather items they need for travels, Small businesses in town can be featured and the station can support itself financially. The commerce level looks down on the transit areas. Bringing it away from the hustle and bustle below and allowing the user to relax and shop with ease. The circulation leads shoppers through all the shops to increase the buying experience and exposure. The Mezzanine is a place to relax and unwind from travel or to wait for your travel experience. 

Artboard 13.png

Grocery as Civic Asset

It is proven that grocery stores help to develop stronger and healthier communities through access to resources, and through quality affordable housing.  As one of the few full-service supermarkets in the area this grocery store will eradicate the areas large food desert.  

The store will increase the staff’s contact with the community and provide additional jobs, Programming:

  1. Grocery pick-up,

  2. Coffee shop and outdoor dining

  3. Community room

  4. Medical tenant

  5. Grab-and-go section for the large lunch crowd

  6. Meat service counter

  7. Bakery


The opening of the façade at the coffee shop creates a more welcoming entry, provides sightlines into the store, and provides a much-needed function in an otherwise stark entry.  Creating a community hub that is not just retail but a place to gather, relax, keep up with community events and activities.

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