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Governor Ames Estate Pavilion

The architecture seeks to highlight and frame the natural beauty of the Ames Estate, honoring the work of its founders and bringing people together to learn about the rich history of the Ames family and the even richer biodiversity of the natural environment.

Survey, Gather, Frame

 Having an open ground level allows for the pavilion to become a shelter without taking the user out of the site. The pavilion has direct views to the Shovel Shop Pond. The terrain acts as a natural pedestal giving the user a clear vantage point. The picnic areas are shaded by proposed tree coverage and  connect to the open space in the event of a festival or occasion.

Level 1 plan.jpg

Level 1 Plan


Activity Analysis


Climate Considerations

The task of designing a pavilion presents the unique opportunity to draw away from classic architectural forms and develop something new and exciting for the site. The form was developed from the site views that had special emphasis in the design brief. Formalized that pattern becomes hexagonal and extruded reveal a series of triangular forms. The contrast between the soft, picturesque landscape and the hard lines of the geometric pavilion help to reimagine the visitor experience and bring modernity back into this historic context. The material choice honors the site context and the legacy of the Ames family.

Section white green trees.jpg

Form Development


The Ames family were. horticulture and agriculture enthusiast. They modeled the Ames estate off romanticism era gardens and landscapes. Also planting various species of plants and trees for the visitors to enjoy. Highlighting these natural features is the main goal of this design.


Original Greenhouse

Greenhouse Render.png


North Easton is a very family oriented community. It host a population that is mostly small multi-generational families with children. The site caters to all ages, including infants and elderly visitors within the space.

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