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Maplewood District

 Maplewood District facilitates the connection between man and nature to create an environment perfect for raising a family and fostering strong community relations. This is done by creating pockets of inviting, shaded communal space to draw people outside as well as providing space for overflow when the people of Maplewood District reach beyond their borders.


Maplewood District was designed to connect people back to their environment and therefore back to one another. Imagine a child meeting their friend by the giant willow tree or hanging out at the park in the cool shade of a maple. Diving into massive leaf piles come fall and sparkling Christmas lights decorating the cypress come winter. Nature excites, soothes and sparks the imagination. But most importantly, it brings people and families together.

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The story of nature ultimately comes down to preservation. None of those marvelous events can happen without the native flora highlighted in this project. A big consideration was made for the area of wetland located in the center of the site and at the east end. Those areas will be utilized as additional communal spaces with a small pavilion. The residents can use this as event space, host flea markets or simply rest and relax while enjoying the natural feature of the wetland.

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Red Leaves

Porch House

The Porch House is a cozy home designed for people who love to be a part of their community and close with their neighbors. The Side Yard Template allows for “classic outdoor living”. Easily facilitating interaction between neighbors. The attached sunroom gives a little more privacy while still allowing a visual connection to the community. Home privacy is ensured with the extended brick wall feature. The visual heaviness of the wall gives a feeling of security and safety.

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