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The Matrix

This Library seeks to respect and honor the efforts of the local community and enhance the park space with a inviting library inspired by the work and design ideas of the artist Antony Gormley.

DSGN 225 Spring 2020_ASSGN 4 Final Project_BrooksAdero.png
DSGN 225 Spring 2020_ASSGN 4 Final Project_BrooksAdero (2).png
DSGN 225 Spring 2020_ASSGN 4 Final Project_BrooksAdero (3).png

Connected Separation

Antony Gormley is very architectural in his work and often attempts to define architecture with sculpture. This sculpture inspires the design of The Matrix Library. From this precedent developed the idea of connected separation.  Each matrix is distinct, and when translated to architecture would have distinct and unique functions. Despite their uniqueness, they remain connected to the central mass. The center is the heart which all the other connections feed into.

M. Section.png
Matrix ghost.png
Level 1 Full View_edited.jpg


Gormley wrote the the Matriz “is an instrument that allows the viewers to become the viewed, by creating an interpenetrating nest of seven space-frames that occupy a central position in the room.” The architecture allows a certain amount of transparency so that people can see into the architecture from the outside, at the same time, retaining privacy on the inside. This is an idea behind the quiet reading and study space.  Maintaining a visual connection but maintaining privacy through the ambiguity of a silhouette.


In order to honor the site and the community the library reflects community values. To fit into the site the architecture reflects its surroundings, making it practically invisible during the day.  The library reflects the community around it both literally and figuratively. The community has done so much to beautify Mint Street Park that to reflecting those efforts is an act of celebrating the community.

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