Phase 1: Exterior
Phase 2: Materials and Walls
Phase 3: Roofing
Phase 4: Interior Decorating
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Residential design project studying sun path and how natural light enters a space based on the buildings orientation.  We looked at the organization of space and path and studied the flow of movement based on how people would move throughout the home. Finally we were tasked with creating a 500 square foot addition to the house and furnishing the home.  


Phase 1: Ground Structure
Phase 2: Stairs and Walls
Phase 3: Columns and Windows
Phase 5: Interior Walls
Phase 6: Duplicate
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Commercial design project studying fire safety codes for an office building.  We explored wall thickness and materials.  We designed the office space around the fire stairs and the elevators.  We also looked at curtain glass wall systems and how to embed them in a wall to use as windows.

Residential Final Project

Perspective Views
Ariel Views
Interior Perspective
Interior Perspective
Interior Perspective
Interior Perspective
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In this final project I recreated a residential house design I researched and added design components as desired.  The home includes three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large open concept living room, dining room, kitchen as well as a back patio.  

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